As I sat at an outdoor cafe without a mask

I know this is at least partly a dream

As much as I love my family and my life and the things I am able to do, as much as I am inspired by the people I am beginning to meet and the insights that I’ve begun to have, as much as a deep breath brings good and the potential to have fun in life grows, still I feel a great part of myself is asleep. Worse than just asleep it dreams dreams that are lost dreams, it looks into an abyss and doesn’t understand how to look away, it has a darkness before it and seeping through it that comes from nowhere and spreads everywhere as it dreams and cannot awaken.

For the moment can write again

What are you doing now? Reading a Medium post, watching a video, taking a break from work but still thinking about work in the back of your mind?

Kent Mitchell

Traveler, Writer, Designer. Seeker of Truth.

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