Good to be able to talk about the things that are true dynamics in a relationship!

Thank you, Sarah, for your balanced and personal perspective on these matters of import to many struggling to be ourselves in a society which holds up models and images above individual feelings and needs.

Joe, thanks for the insightful perspective on our biology vs our culture.

Nice. Reminds me of the statement in Paradise Lost, "the mind can make a Hell of Heaven, a Heaven of Hell." Satan's words and not meant to describe Berlin in winter, but whatever the foil, Milton meant for us to reflect upon the concept.

What are you doing now? Reading a Medium post, watching a video, taking a break from work but still thinking about work in the back of your mind?

and what about this chair

If I take a break to read a Medium article and at the same time think of the work I need to do…is that the best way to live?

Of course not. It’s better to be free of anything but what we’re doing at the moment. When not working it’s better not to think about work. When working it’s better not to think about not working.

let go

Sometimes we drink to let go. Would it be even better to let go before drinking? …

I’m wondering if there is a doorway that can integrate the various parts of myself into one whole.

the one part I know exists is in this moment

Let’s say, hypothetically I was walking in the desert. You’ve probably just conjured up an image of that. Western US-type desert? Scrub brush into the near distance and low hills dotted with more scrub brush beyond that? What does your desert look like?

what is the difference between story and history? And tell me, in brief, how to separate what has been from what is to come

We sat on the dock waiting for a small boat to take us across the lake and it was getting late. I didn’t realize there were pines in Costa Rica, but this high up, there were. …

Kent Mitchell

Traveler, Writer, Designer. Seeker of Truth.

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